What’s New In The Baltimore Hotels Scene

Welcome to Baltimore Hotels Inc.com, your guide to what’s new and what’s happening in the Baltimore area.

What sort of things will BaltimoreHotesInc.com cover in the future?
1. What’s New: Trendy new hotels are springing up all over the city right now. They are often replacing old tired properties that have failed to keep up with modern amenities that business travelers and family are looking for today. If you want to know what’s new in the Baltimore hotel industry this is the place.

2. Where To Save: There are hundreds of ways to find a good deal on your next room. Trivago and of course Priceline will show you where you can find a lower rate but you can also score great deals directly from the hotels themselves by signing up for their newsletter or following them on social media. We track many of the most popular hotels in the city so checking here could be a quick way to find those under the radar deals.

3. Book Now For Big Events: There are 100+ awards events, trade shows and art expos though out the greater Baltimore area that draws thousands of visitors to the area. Finding a great hotel that keeps you close to the action and part of the party is an important part of the experience. We’ll tell you when the best times to book your room for each of the major events coming to the Baltimore area.