Peonies to Hostas: 4 Vacation Inspired Flowers To Add To Your Garden

Spring almost here and soon enough it’s going to be flower season. It can be hard to decide what flowers to plant in a garden. Some flowers that are beautiful, easy to plant and maintain would be more appropriate. Exotic flowers like Peonies, Siberian Iris, Pincushion Flower and Hosta would best match this description. The flowers are not just for their aesthetic touch, some have medicinal uses that could prove useful if followed to the latter.

Here are some of the amazing flowers that you can grow in your garden:

The pink, red and white petals of Peonies give an air of romance and glamour to a garden. Beyond the beauty, Peonies are an important remedy for female reproductive conditions ranging from painful menses to irregular menses. Extracts of peon roots also reduce obesity and reduce risk of getting diabetes by increasing glucose tolerance in the body. Peonies prefer a sunny location with well drained soil. Well aerated soil rich in humus helps the Peonies avoid a fungal diseases, botrytis. Though not so important, a shovelful of compost manure will grow beautiful Peonies. We recommend checking out the selection for sale on Grow, they have a great selection of rare varieties.

Siberian Iris
Siberian IrisSiberian Iris is just ideal for the garden or pond borders; their tall graceful appearance and grassy foliage make them neat border flowers. Siberian Iris is used as an expectorant; it also has an edible root. However, caution should be exercised since some genus of the flower are poisonous and can cause allergic reactions. This flower can grow in both containers and on land provided the soil is humus rich. It does well in cold areas with moist clay soils. The flowers however can be damaged if the soil is too moist.

Pincushion Flower
Pincushion FlowerScabiosa, commonly known as Pincushion flower is known for its soft pincushion like look. It is a tall colorful flower that attracts butterflies. Scabiosa is very effective in curing coughs, shortness of breath, expectorating cold phlegm and healing of other lung related diseases. The juice of Scabiosa with the powder of Borax cleanses the face from freckles and pimples. Pincushion grows well in flower pots when exposed to 6-8 hours of direct sunlight in a day. It grows well in nutrient rich well drained soils.

Hostas are quite strange flowers, mostly grown for gorgeous foliage than for flowers. Even though the flowers are not as visible as the foliage, their fragrance is irresistible. This is why essential oils obtained from Hosta leaves are used to make perfumes. Hosta leaves are used to add texture to salad since they are edible. Hostas grow on fertile water retentive soils with slight alkaline characteristics. A little mulching with well rotted organic matter is helpful to maintain ideal soil moisture content for the flower to do well. If the soil is poor, an annual dressing of fertilizer may be necessary.

As long as these flowers are planted in their respective preferable conditions, they will grow, bloom to their utmost beauty and eventually turn a garden to a small, admirable flower bed that can be appreciated everyone who sees it. It is definitely the perfect way to enjoy the Spring season by planting these amazing flowers.

5 Under The Radar Travel Affiliate Programs

With so many options out there, it’s not easy to choose the right travel affiliate program. However, this does not mean that one cannot find travel marketing programs in the industry. To earn a decent income advertising top companies in the congested air travel and hospitality fields, you only have to conduct some painstaking research and thoroughly compare all the prevailing affiliate rates before doing the selection. As such, provided below are some well-rated commission-based advertising deals in the travel sector.

We asked Anne Fognano of Affiliate Management Solutions for some recommendations for travel affiliates. Anne says, “if you run a travel blog but you aren’t doing affiliate marketing you’re missing a potential gold mine. Travel Programs are some of the best paying programs in the industry because the average order is so high”. Anne started out as a coupon and deal blogger but has recently started a company that provides affiliate marketing services to ecommerce sites.  Here are Anne’s picks for 5 travel affiliate programs you might not have heard of.

1. Just Fly (

With incredibly cheap flights to tens of destinations around the world, Just Fly remains one of the best flight service providers in the airline industry. Even if you don’t intend to book a ticket any time soon, you may still partner with this giant company as an online marketer. Their commission structure are among the very best worldwide. For further details on how to become an affiliate of this prestigious travel group, visit their official page or liaise with the client support department online or over the phone.

2. IfOnly (

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3. TourRadar(

Do you want to make extra money within the comfort of your lounge? If yes, then there’s no better to do this than signing up with one of the of best travel service providers in the industry. And among the leading affiliate deals in the market, TourRadar outstrips nearly all the other companies due to their wonderful commission structure and excellent client/customer handling personnel. Regardless of your customer’s trip technicalities, you’ll earn a great deal of referral payments since the firm provides flight packages for all-inclusive domestic and international destinations.

4. Snazzy Traveler (

Snazzy Traveler offers reasonably priced travel packages for passengers of all categories. As one of their affiliates, you’ll have an easy time selling cheap flight deals to both internal and international trippers across the globe. Widely recognized for an incomparably transparent commission calculation procedures and timely disbursements, this unrivalled company is the right option for any benefit-conscious affiliate out there. Interested individuals are advised to visit the official webpage for further details about Snazzy Traveler’s affiliate program.

5. Trafalgar (

Whether you’re a seasoned travel affiliate or an inexperienced starter in the super-competitive referral business, Trafalgar simplifies everything for you. According to hundreds of web-based reviews posted by grateful marketing partners from all over the map, this is indubitably one of the most well-paying flight service providers currently. By selling unbeatable offers for hotel and flight options, you’ll be able to pocket handsome commissions of up to 5% – according to the company’s latest remuneration structures released by their sales department.


Save Money With Marriott Promo Codes

Save money with Marriott promo codesHeading to Baltimore for a visit or perhaps for a business meeting? Our beautiful city has many amazing hotels for you to choose between. The best part is you can typically stay at some of the nicer hotels for the same price of the standard hotels. How you ask? For example one of our favorite hotel brands is the Marriott family of hotels. You can often you find great Marriott promo codes that can save you some a lot of money on your rooms. Especially if you plan ahead and book in advance.

You can also find discounts and deals for hotel brands like Holiday Inn, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Best Western Hyatt and many more. Also make sure to check for discounts you qualify for like AAA rates, senior discounts or even for things like free wi-fi or breakfast. Marriott typically offers promo codes for things like resort credits, attraction tickets or even for a romance package that could include flowers, champagne and chocolates. So definitely check for recent promo codes and discounts before booking your room.

Review: Baltimore Hilton Hotel

Baltimore Hilton Hotel Exterior

It is never the idea of staying away, but the idea of hunting for an appropriate place to stay in that bothers our mind whenever we have to plan a trip. Hunting for a suitable hotel for the best price is a challenge in itself. Whether it is a vacation for leisure, or for official purposes, or simply to spend an ideal week with your family; the hotel makes a difference, like a lot of difference. In any case, we want something comfortable, homely, all the necessary facilities, a pleasant view, and most importantly, food. Food is what matters the most. Staying away from home is a struggle anyway; you wouldn’t want to compromise the food as well. So, basically, a hotel can decide how your trip is going to be. A good hotel is all you need to make a trip or a holiday everything you want it to be.

Baltimore Hilton Hotel – An Ideal Hotel In Magnificent Maryland

Hilton hotels are a chain of the most luxurious and breathtaking hotels in the entire world. The name only says everything you need to know about a good hotel. Even though, Baltimore Hilton is one of its kind. Built in a strategic location in Baltimore with star-studded buildings and the most eccentric sea, this hotel is a beautiful fairytale story in itself.

Everything You Need To Know – Some Key Features

· Spacious – Now, this is a big hotel, actually, huge. You get large rooms, luxurious bathrooms, and a calming spacious balcony. Apart from all this, there are beautiful lawns and gardens for reading, or playing, or simply for some quiet peaceful time. We often don’t realize, but many hotels seem suffocated as if trying to fit in everything in a limited area they got. And for some people, it just doesn’t work out. Some people need space to breathe. And Baltimore Hilton really took care of those people.

You can check out this video on YouTube for some visual aid as to the spaciousness of the hotel.

· Baseball, Anyone? – Baltimore loves baseball, then how the Baltimore Hilton can’t! The hotel has a very special for the baseball fans, in the heart, as well as on the premises. The Camden Yards of the hotel offers a magnificent balcony which is actually the most popular and loved destination of the hotel. And it is kind of obvious since the balcony gives you a first class view of the field of Oriole Stadium. Now that makes us seriously doubt if a hotel can get better than this. You pay for a room and get the best tickets for the baseball match complimentary.

· The Rooms – After all a room is what you’re paying for, so they’ve got to be the best. And they are. Designed with the best interiors, the rooms are modern, spacious, beautiful, and with the best of the facilities. Also, you can spend some leisure time in their newly-renovated balcony, which is a blessing to the eyes. The most comfortable sitting and the best services are sometimes all we need.

· The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – And now we give you the coolest beverage destination in the town. There is no problem in the world which a nice cup of coffee can’t solve.

· Location – A good view requires a good location. Built upon the banks of the river, the hotel gives you a dreamlike view. And top it all that, the hotel is walking distance away from Inner Harbor, Aquarium, and Children’s Discovery Museum. The location is very strategic and thoughtful, keeping in mind all the pros.

· Facilities – Good facilities make a good hotel. Baltimore Hilton Hotel provides you with an indoor oasis to refresh your soul. A dip in the heated pool, and suddenly, all your problems won’t seem big anymore. A sophisticated gym is there for all your physical workouts and exercising. A huge conference room is there for the official purposes. Plus, exquisite banquets are available for wedding or ceremonies with the best services. A 24/7 working UPS store offers the latest computers with a high-speed Internet, along with printers, fax machines, office suppliers, etc.

A Final Say

Baltimore Hilton Hotel aims at comfort. Today, big expensive luxurious hotels are not in short supply. But what cannot we found is a comforting atmosphere, homely feeling, and services, which are only there to take care for you and nothing more. If you’re planning a trip to Baltimore, Baltimore Hilton is the place you need to stay in. And if not, visit this beautiful paradise anyway and experience its comfort and enjoy the beautiful city.

Review: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore

Review: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Located at Maryland’s Aliceanna Street, The Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel is the sure place to be in Baltimore. The four star Hotel is a 32 story high-rise building with over 700 accommodation rooms. Despite the numerous rooms, the hotel’s management has done a good job in terms of designing the rooms and ensuring maximum comfort for their visitors. Apart from having enough accommodation, this hotel also has provisions for other activities which include a Swimming pool, an event Space, a Conference center and a fully equipped fitness center. All these services are provided to visitors at an affordable price.

Meetings & Events

If I was to begin with the meetings and events section of the Baltimore Marriott Hotel, then I would have to start with their corporate meetings package. If you want to organize a meeting at this hotel then you have two choices. You can either have an indoor meeting in a conference hall which is what I’d like to call a corporate meeting, or you can settle for a less formal meeting, more like a dinner party. For the corporate meetings, this hotel has state of the art conference halls. All meeting halls are equipped with standard technologies and equipment that would be needed for a formal meeting. These include projectors, microphones and a full time internet supply (Wi-Fi).

However, for smaller meetings or casual conventions and seminars, you can choose to hold them at any of the 50 restaurants within the hotel. If you are not sure which is the best package for your team, you can always consult with your Marriott account manager. The highly trained staff at the Hotel will help you set up the meeting according to your predilections. If you are having a large event, then you can always have the 80,000 sq. feet outdoor event space within the hotel premises.

Guest Rooms

The Guest rooms vary in terms of size, aesthetics and views. Visitors can choose between single or double rooms. The standard single room includes a relaxation suite, a meals coupon and if you are lucky enough you can get a Maryland Athletic club entry pass. If you are a person who loves the cool breeze from the ocean, then you can book a suite with a room which is directly facing the harbor for a full view of the harbor. Rooms can be customized as you want, upon early requests.

Here is a great video from YouTube that show you a tour of a standard room at the hotel. I think all the technology plugin options are a great feature.

I particularly liked their Aquarium package, which has two tickets to the Famous Baltimore aquarium. The package comes with a daily buffet breakfast for two and even secures you a space for free at their parking lot. Normally, the rooms cost between 250 and 500 dollars a night depending on the suite that you choose. This hotel is ever under maintenance, so you won’t be having any issues to do with faulty equipment in the rooms. The management even organized for a major revamp of the entire hotel in 2007, which was completed a year later.

Hotel Location

The Marriott Waterfront Hotel is located at a strategic place near a number of notable tourist attraction sites. To begin with, you can always visit the Baltimore Aquarium to learn more about aquatic life. The city of Baltimore also holds a rich history. Here you can learn about the likes of Lord Baltimore and the renowned John Waters. Shopping facilities are also strategically located, so you won’t have to keep looking for convenience stores where buy your supplies.

Easy means of transport to and from the hotel is guaranteed. The hotel’s location allows you to choose between three of the most efficient airports in the county. You can choose to take your flight from Thurgood Marshall Airport or the Dulles international airport. If it’s a local flight you can take it from Ronald Reagan National airport.

Moreover, movement from the Hotel to all the streets in Baltimore can be achieved by bus or through the Subway. If you prefer traveling privately, then you can always hire a car from Hertz or take a cab from the Hotel’s fleet.

Other Amenities

The Hotel cooks great food, especially marine delicacies. The people in those kitchens are a talented team of sous-chefs. Once you are filled, you can always visit the fitness center within the hotel and lift some weights. The indoor swimming pool is also a good place to relax during those warm evenings.

The Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel gives you a real treat for your money and you surely won’t regret visiting this place.

What’s New In The Baltimore Hotels Scene

Welcome to Baltimore Hotels, your guide to what’s new and what’s happening in the Baltimore area.

What sort of things will cover in the future?
1. What’s New: Trendy new hotels are springing up all over the city right now. They are often replacing old tired properties that have failed to keep up with modern amenities that business travelers and family are looking for today. If you want to know what’s new in the Baltimore hotel industry this is the place.

2. Where To Save: There are hundreds of ways to find a good deal on your next room. Trivago and of course Priceline will show you where you can find a lower rate but you can also score great deals directly from the hotels themselves by signing up for their newsletter or following them on social media. We track many of the most popular hotels in the city so checking here could be a quick way to find those under the radar deals.

3. Book Now For Big Events: There are 100+ awards events, trade shows and art expos though out the greater Baltimore area that draws thousands of visitors to the area. Finding a great hotel that keeps you close to the action and part of the party is an important part of the experience. We’ll tell you when the best times to book your room for each of the major events coming to the Baltimore area.